Over the past 40+ years, most of my spare time has been spent in genealogical research. It's a passion, not a hobby.

In Memory of Mom,

Shirley Margaret Dean Wood
18 Jan 1921 - 27 May 2009

You loved family research so much and instilled that in me.
I miss you so much and sharing the excitement of "new" finds.


Genealogy Interests

Ancestors and Family of Pam Wood Waugh & Randy Waugh

This includes both of our families, done in Second Site by John Cardinal. I am trying to upload photos and exhibits for our ancestors, and while I have a long way to go, this site is moving along nicely. Please contact me if you might have any early photos or important documents to add to the collection!

So find someone here and send me one of your photos!

Genealogical Research in the Eastern Townships, Quebe

I started this site back in 1995 when there wasn't much available for researchers looking toward Anglo research in Quebec. This website is for all researchers working in any of the 11 counties of Quebec which make up the Eastern Townships. Twenty-one years later still there. There isn't a lot of new activity but it is there for a few new additions and archive purposes. This site joined Quebec GenWeb on March 22, 1998.

Pam's Maternal Lines

Mom's lines involve a great many New England families who went to Quebec after the Revolution - Some Loyalists, some Rebels: BRUST, COVEY, CRAWFORD, DERICK/DERRICK, HOLT, LONGEWAY, PATTERSON, SALLS, SCOTT, TALLMAN, TRYON, VAUGHAN, WAIT, and YOUNG. Also had a few lines from England: DEAN, SMITH, CURRY, PEARSON and MUNDAY, who were living in Leeds and Hunslet, Yorkshire, in the 1820-1880 period.

Here's Mom's Maternal Ahnentafel (30 Jan 2016)
Mom's Brick Walls (Problem Lines)

    Great photo of my SALLS family c1895 (5/13/98)
        The song, "Playmate" that Mildred Scott DEAN sang to her grandchildren.

    "Spinning YARNES" - A YARNES Family Research page

    Pam's Paternal Lines !

    Dad's lines were in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia after the Revolution - quite possibly earlier, as Planters. Some branches were old New England stock, several Mayflower passengers. There are Kings and Queens of England, France and Italy, Charlemagne and even Lady Godiva! Currently working on NESBITT, WOOD, WILLIAMS, HOWARD, KERR, BELDING, DARRAH, DALEY, HAMMOND, HEPBURN, and STANLEY.

    Check out Dad's Ahnentafel (30 Jan 2016)
    Dad's Brick Walls (Problem Lines

    Daniel BELDING c1760 -1849 NB (1/30/16) 
    David DALEY c1735 -aft1785 NB (4/19/20) 
    John DARRAH c1834 -1890 NB (3/30/03)
    John HAMMOND 1753 -1802 NB (2/8/09) 
    Alexander HEPBURN c1775 -1842 (9/30/03)
    Capt John HOWARD c1742 -1824 New Bruns (3/30/03) 
    Capt James KERR b1754 -1830 Nova Scotia (3/30/03)
    James NISBET c1789 IRE>NB (1/30/16
    Job STANLEY c1760 -1854 NB (1/30/16)
    Lewis WOOD c1572 -1626 ENG (1/30/16) 

    Randy's Lines

    The WAUGH family came from Ireland to MA about 1872. The SHARPE side traces the descendants of Thomas SHARPE, of Cecil Co, MD to Iredell Co, Iredell Co, NC. The SHARPES married into the CLOERS and the BYERS. Roberson CLOER is the earliest proven ancestor. Can't seem to tie him in to the other CLOERs in the area. We know he must be related, but how? Jacob BECK and Paul KOCH both came over from Germany.
    Jacob BECK 1815-1872 GMY>NJ (10/5/03) 
    Roberson CLOER c1812-1892 NC (1/6/06) 
    Paul A. KOCH 1835-1907 GMY>NY>MA (9/29/03)
    Thomas SHARPE, Sr. c1700-1749 IRE>MD>NC (1/30/16) 
    David A. WAUGH sons from Ireland c1872 to MA (2/23/10) 

Miscellaneous Photos

Cedar Key for our 30th Anniversary 28 Mar - 1 Apr 2010

River Cruise in Europe, Nov 2008 (Vienna to Amsterdam)

Part 1 Nov 8-12
Part 2 Nov 13-17

Part 3 Nov 18-20

Phun with Parrot Head Phriends

Buffett Tailgate 25 Feb 2010
Tropstock 2-3 Oct 2010

JimVan Pelt's Party 30 May 2010
Monyelle's 50th Anniversar 14 Aug 2010
Beach Cleanup 11 Sep 2010
Beach Cleanup 13 Mar 2010
Street Cleanup 22 Nov 2009
Key West, Nov 2007
Key West, Nov 2006
Key West, Nov 2005

Amsterdam, Brugge and Germany, May 2005

Brugge, Pt 1
Brugge, Pt 2
Schonach, Creglingen and Dinkelsbuhl

Chris' Visit to the AIPAC Convention in Washington, DC, May 2005 

A Visit to Edam, Netherlands, July 2001

A walk through the beautiful historic town of Edam.

A Visit to Sedona, AZ, June 2001

A "brief" look at the family trip to Sedona this year. We had great fun.

A Visit to Scotland, July 2000

Our wonderful trip to Scotland with the boys. The Highlands were gorgeous.

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