While a great deal of information can be found within these pages, there is still much that I need to add to this database. I am particularly interested in adding at least one photo to many of these people. If you have a photo you would like to share, please, by all means, get in touch with me.

Family is so much more than just names, dates and places. I would really like to round out these sketches with photos and personal info that might give us a glimpse into tho who they were and how they lived.

Five ancestors all in one photo. Not to mention aunts and uncles....Front and center: Merritt Alonzo Salls and Lydia Maria Young. To the right of Lydia, is her grand-daughter, Mildred, my grandmother.
Quick links below have been added for both my parents, as well as Randy's.
  • Donald Judson Wood - Nova Scotia and New Brunswick after the Revolution, a lot of old New England stock, Mayflower Passengers, Kings and Queens...
  • Shirley Margaret Dean - England, France, Germany, many New England and New York families who went to Quebec after the Revolution.
  • Wilbert Alvin Waugh - both Waugh lines come from two brothers who arrived in Boston in 1872 from Ireland.
  • Marjorie Elizabeth Waugh - (yes, both Waugh parents on Randy's side). Other than the Waugh line itself, much of this family was from Iredell Co, North Carolina, and Cecil Co, Maryland.